Sonar Image Interpretation Training Course

Sonar Image Interpretation Training Course

Sonar image interpretation is often the most overlooked aspect of sonar training. A team’s ability to identify targets of interest and positively eliminate non-targets of interest is the single most critical factor in successful sonar search operations. A sonar operators’ understanding of sonar acoustics, sonar system settings, and their operating environment all directly impact this skill. It is what allows them to understand what they are seeing and what they can do to improve the sonar images they are receiving.

This course is designed to provide PSD teams and individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful sonar image interpretation.

Who this course is for:

Personnel and teams new to sonar systems

Teams seeking to improve their ability to successfully interpret sonar images in support of SAR operations

Course Prerequisites:


Course Length:

3 Days

What you can expect to learn:

Basic sonar theory & operations

Sonar search settings

Develop an understanding of environmental factors and their impact on sonar operations

Deployment methods and considerations

Sonar positioning

Diver & ROV monitoring operations

Search methods

ROV operations

Sonar image interpretation

What’s in it for you and your team?

Your team will receive structured training focused on field operations, designed to instill confidence in the individual’s and teams’ ability to successfully participate, plan, and execute sonar operations.

How to take this course!

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