About Us

About US

Trident Training Solutions’ founder Ruben Morales started his career in the US Navy’s Submarine Force as a Sonar Technician in 1992. After retiring in 2013, he relocated to Houston, TX, and transitioned into a career in the Subsea Industry. During this time, one of his primary tasks was adapting currently available sonar systems for use in the Public Safety Dive community. After working closely with several PSD teams, he quickly recognized teams were not receiving the proper training.

Often training provided by manufacturers tended to center around equipment familiarization and set up rather than directly supporting SAR operations. They lacked firsthand knowledge and experience in sonar acoustic fundamentals, search techniques, sonar image interpretation, and environmental factors that affect sonar operations.

Trident Training Solutions helps bridge this gap. Our approach to training places students on the water operating in realistic scenarios with less time spent in the classroom. With over 25 years of experience operating sonar systems, Trident Training Solutions has the expertise necessary to help create knowledgeable and competent sonar teams.

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